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Tsuna Me!


You know I love it. You know how I love it…

When you’re tying sweet little nothings to my ankle, letting your fingertips brush ever so softly against my Snow White skin, unveiling timid goosebump trails guiding you slowly but surely to me…

The deep blue sea of you, coming in waves, covering my febrile silhouette. Afar, the thundering promise of earthquakes and tsunamis… Watch me bend and ondulate in your tight azure embrace! Drown me with your fluid caress, breath taken siren surrendering to your surges and swells.

Unleash your stormy strokes, hit me like lightning and as I jolt, stare straight in my crow black eyes. My spinning head resting on your shoulder, revel to the echoes of our roaring moans…

In no rush to catch my breath, resting in black and white ruffled linnen, I beg for one last kiss before you leave me, again. The only regret left by your playful tongue, while running on  my burning lips, being…

Oh, how very sad that you are just an illusion!


Via Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Illusion

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