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Just thinking…



I just had a (very) short exchange with a charming gentleman, about Kurt Vonnegut. For some weird reason, this led me to thinking about Richard Brautigan. No link that I know of, besides the fact that both were wordsmiths.

I don’t know much about Mr Brautigan’s life, and I decided to Wiki-search him out. I know, Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source of information, but since I don’t trust The Internets in general, I don’t mind that Wiki is sometimes not 100% acurate.

It so happens that Mr Brautigan’s French Wiki-page has a whole section called “Sa passion pour le Japon” (His passion for Japan).

Oh, please, stop rolling your eyes like that!

So, it seems that Richard Brautigan loved Japan so much, it deserved to be pointed out in his online biography. And, of course, I thought “Hey! If I ever get a Wiki-page of my own, I hope people will put a ‘Her passion for Denmark’ section in it!” Then I Googled both my name and “Cyranny”, and I’m sure you won’t fall off your chair if I tell you that I didn’t find any Wiki page matching either.

Too bad. But if I ever get one, I’d like to have a cool one like Richard’s!

Oh wait, I take that back! I just noticed that M. Brautigan died at the early age of forty nine. Not cool. And that he took his own life… Not cool either. Oh dang… They discovered his body weeks (about six!!!) later… That’s totally not cool!

How alone and lonely must one be, for it to take SIX weeks, between the last time they talk to someone, and the time they are found dead in their house??

Oh well… By the time I hit the publish button, it’s been five hours since my little exchange, and for five hours, I’ve had the following song playing almost non-stop. (Richard is mentionned in the lyrics…) It is not too bad though, since it is a tune I like a whole lot.

May you enjoy it aswell…


7 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. I love to make people discover new things/people 🙂

      Shawn Mullins has been one of my favorite singers for decades… He’s an incredible story teller, and a great musician. Glad you enjoyed the song 🙂 xx

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