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Micro poésie du vendredi…



Une moue aérienne,
lancée en plein ciel.
Juste un peu de tendresse,
à tire d’ailes, plongeant
en piqué, calculé…
Ni rebelle ni sage
vers tes lèvres tendues.
Vivement l’aterrissage…

14 thoughts on “Micro poésie du vendredi…

    1. Hehehehehehe…. I wasn’t expecting that “Sacrebleu!” Ok, let me try to translate is so it makes sense and sounds as good as possible…

      Aerial pout,
      thrown in the sky.
      Just a little tenderness
      Flying, diving,
      Swooping down…
      Neither rebel, nor sage,
      towards your offered lips
      longing for the landing…

      Yeah, nah… that just sounds like a bunch of words thrown together… LOL


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