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After Eight Moments…




We are legion…
An infinite sum
of ones, all different.
Same blood, millions
of hearts beating as
one, breathing the
same air… Crying
the same tears, seeking
the same light.
Fighting the same fight…
Blooming, reaching for
the sun, and then fading
as one.


Tonight’s After Eight Moment is special… It so happens that the “After Eight” spirit is spreading, and Christine from Poetry for Healing has shared some pictures caught while taking her walk today… Please take a minute to visit her post: Eyes wide open

And remember that you are always welcome to let me know if you publish pictures about little things and want me to link your post into my After Eight Moments… I’ll be more than glad to do so!!



If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

13 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 I don’t know exactly what kind of flowers they are… They seem to be wild flowers because they grow on the side of the street here, where no one is taking care of them…


    1. Thank you Christine 🙂 I really hope you’ll have fun with the new challenge! Not only because it will benefit your blog, but after a while, you’ll see that you’ll start noticing all kinds of little details you didn’t see anymore…. 😉

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    1. Poetry is all about interpretation… Words that speak to me a certain message, can murmur a totally different one to your ear 😉 Glad you enjoyed the view and the reading, Kate! xx

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m sorry, I forgot to describe the picture; it is a close up of many many small delicate white flowers that seem to create one big flower. And it has just one tiny purpleish flower right in the middle… 🙂 xx

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