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Just thinking…



How exhausting must it be, to make video description for a cheerleading tv show??

22 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. “Oh and here we go! There are 56 girls, running about, jumping around, getting thrown in the air, oops, that was close! There’s way too much smiling going on right now! Oh! Everybody’s clapping their hands…”

      And that’s just the first 5 seconds of the show 😛 LOOOOOOOOOL


    1.…. LOL I agree… I enjoy playing once in a while (but I suuuuuuuck at it) (No, I mean it… I suck so much that one of the last times I played, a lady from the foursome that followed us came to me at one point – I was convinced she wanted to tell me to play faster so they wouldn’t have to wait so much…- and told me, in a very nice way “sweetie, sometimes, you can just try a couple of times, and then pick up your ball and move to to the next hole. This way, you won’t get upset trying to play!” LOOOL )


      1. Talking about that… well, not really, but yeah… Just thinking. My boyfriend came up with a challenge I’d never dare to do, but I thought it was hilarious. And for some reason ( :P) I thought about you, and wondered if you’d do it LOL

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      2. Mouahahahaha I love it! Ok… I’ll put it into a short post, probably tomorrow morning 🙂 I hope it amuses you as much as it’s been amusing me so far… 😛

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