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Can I sue The Internets for mocking me?

I have subscribed to the Merriam-Webster newsletter a long while back.

Because I just love words. Weird words, unusual words, forgotten words. And just so you know, no, I will never take a short cut and feed you Merriam-Webster’s word of the day for our own challenge!

Sometimes, I get the feeling that someone in U.K. has been assigned to follow my random wanderings, and suggest a word that is meant just for me. It can sound a little creepy, but U.K. is a faraway land, and I imagine that person doesn’t have the budget to come and stalk me live in Montréal, so I don’t care.

From time to time, I feel like my word provider is openly mocking me. Like today.

The daily Merriam-Webster word today is, Canicular.

Now, while my U.K. stalker is stalking me from his comfortable air conditionned office, I am sweating my life off, here in Québec.

Most people think that Québec is a land of perpetual coldness. Wrong! We really swing between extremes. While winter temperature can go down to -40 C (-40 F), summer is also very hot, although short. To give you an idea, this morning, the temperature inside my apartment is 33 C (91,5 F). And that’s after keeping all windows closed overnight, to keep whatever coolness we had managed to get in yesterday evening.

I won’t complain. I don’t miss winter. BUT it is not the ideal conditions to make an entertaining come back online!

I might postpone my story telling a little. Breathing is making me sweat, I don’t think I could survive thinking. Making up a story AND writing it? No way.


26 thoughts on “Can I sue The Internets for mocking me?

    1. Absolutely… we’ve established an emergency camping ground in our bedroom for today. We have air conditionning for this room only and the temperature stays around 75 F if we keep the door closed. It’s not going to be a productive day, but I have a feeling all the dust in the apartment must be melting down, so, with a little luck, everything will be spick & span when we finally get out 😛

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  1. I don’t see anything wrong with the word, it’s referring to a dog or the Dog Star, or Sirius which is the brightest star of all, and that certainly applies to you! Or you could go with my old favorite: don’t let the bastards get you down! 💙

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    1. As much as I don’t want to complain, because I’d rather be hot, than freezing cold, this is a real plague. Plus I can’t explain to Freja why she has to stay in the only air conditioned room in our apartment… I can’t wait until the temperature comes back to normal “hot” 😉 I hope Biasini doesn’t suffer from the heat wave?

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      1. The horses have been pretty hot. I’m riding in the morning to try to avoid the worst heat and taking lots of walk breaks. Also I’m giving him electrolytes to make sure he drinks well.

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    1. The thing is that the word of the day was “Canicular” on the day we broke heat records here, in Montréal. I know it wasn’t intended, but the coincidence felt like a life mockery 😉


      1. “ca·nic·u·lar
        pertaining to a dog, in particular.
        of or pertaining to the Dog Star, Sirius.
        of or pertaining to the dog days.”

        I don’t get it.


      2. Here is the definition for Canicular, as provided by Merriam-Webster’s mailing list…

        “of or relating to the period between early July and early September when hot weather occurs in the northern hemisphere”

        I am a French Canadian, and “Canicule” in French means a heat wave… So I understood it was the same for canicular…

        My bad… I understand how this didn’t make sense to you, and probably to a lot of others who didn’t let me know…


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