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New stuff!

Happy Saturday, Lovelies…

First day off in thirteen. I haven’t been very creative, nor interactive during this long long stretch. I kept my energy to stay positive and get the job done. Our office has been moved last Thursday, and that was very stressing too. Moving a calling center without closing down the lines in the meanwhile is a challenge… But it is done now.

Today my time is mine and mine alone. There’s no one home with me, and even if I should have rushed around the apartment to take care of chores, I sat down this morning, and started working on a little project.

I won’t tell you what it is… I won’t link it here neither. I want to see who is really curious, and who is really interested. Let’s just say I decided to give some of my old posts a second voice, but not by re-publishing them. I worked on three of my old posts, so far, and I’ll try to touch up one or two per day…  Hoping some of you will find the difference, and like it. If not, it won’t matter. It’ll just be a way to practice and get better with the technology behind this new add on.

Now time to relax. A good long hot bath, a quiet walk in the neighbourhood, a little tête à tête, perhaps, with Cibelle & Vohne in the evening…

Oh, and don’t miss out my upcoming post later tonight. Especially if money is something you could use more of, and if you like to dream! I am starting a new Saturday weekly post, and it should be fun, if people join in…


Have a lovely weekend  🙂


24 thoughts on “New stuff!

    1. Thank you, Beckie 🙂 Well all need to charge up the batteries from time to time… And I am reeeeeaaaaally enjoying the quietness right now 🙂 Have a great day yourself!! xx

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  1. bubble bath..nice glass of wine..some chocolates..relax! Then whisper to me what yer doing cause it is driving me crazy wondering……now, i am off to lurk around some of your old posts….muwhahahaha

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    1. Mouahahahaha I was considering shaving Miss Freja, but it didn’t quite fit the “relaxing” theme du jour… I might send you a clue, because I really like you… And I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed after scrolling through all of my first posts 😛 Muuuuuuah!!


    1. Heyyy Simon 🙂 Nice to see you!!

      I will reveal the new Saturday night Series soon… but I can’t say anything just yet. Let’s just say that with a little (a lot, really) of luck, it might change a lot of people’s lives 😛

      As for my morning project, I can tell you that these old posts’ new “voice” have been identified with a new tag in my sidebar… 😉

      I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!! xx


    1. Hey Sandra… Sorry for being so dang quiet this week! I just wouldn’t have been good company, believe me 🙂

      I am sooooo glad to be off too! The day is passing by quickly, but I already can see the difference, as the stress level is going down!!

      I can’t wait to post tonight… Should be interesting!

      Muuuuuah, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

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      1. It’s okay.

        I can’t imagine working so many days without a day off. I don’t know how you do it. I have the opposite issue, of course. lol

        I need some new ideas for my blog… I’m feeling kind of stuck and boring. I need some excitement…

        xo ♥

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      2. Well, for one thing, you can leave me your dream 🙂 (just posted something about that)

        And I’ll try to think about something creative and fun you might want to work on! It would do you a lot of good to escape, even if it is just in your head…. I know it works for me!

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      3. I have a lot of dreams… probably too many. I guess people would tell me to make them come true all by myself… but I don’t think that’s possible… it’s a long list. 🙂


      1. Ooooh LOL Yes, indeed… we had a walk together just minutes ago. I’ll most probably spend the evening with them, after publishing my previously announced post. 🙂

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