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Cadavre exquis – Take 2; Team 2

Due to the number of people who wanted to play along for this second edition of Cadavre Exquis, and not wanting to restrain writers’ inspiration, I divided the group in three teams. This is the work of Team #2. I hope you’ll enjoy the writing exercise! 

Cadavre Exquis is a writing game in which each player only gets the last sentence of the writer before him/her. Here is the result of putting all the puzzle pieces together… 


I put down the pen, at long last.

The sun was starting to peek over the horizon, and I brushed my hand softly on the paper. There was so much in this long missive… So much love, so much pain. My whole heart folded in between two sheets, all my hopes and dreams ready to be delivered.

I stood up, my whole body soar from sitting in my Adirondack chair all night. The fire slowly dying, gave place to the sunrise. Light giving place to light. Life giving place to life. A new day full of promises, maybe.

I folded the paper, slipped the letter in the envelope and sealed it, hoping it would find an open heart to read it through.

I knew that once the envelope left my hands the outcome was a risk…yet I was willing to take it. I thought “maybe this time I shall be answered” and i slipped it into the postal box for delivery.

Would the letter arrive tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? How much time did it actually take to arrive? It did have to go all the way to Denmark after all…I couldn’t remember how far away the land of my dreams was…

I just knew it was where I needed to be…and the recipient of this letter had my dreams in their hands…

Or they would as soon as it arrived.

What would they think? Would it be…

Would it be taken seriously, or just tossed away like an annoying chain letter? Now, my OCD was kicking in. What have I done bearing my soul like that, in writing no less?

Maybe I put the wrong address on the envelope, and the letter will never arrive, or be stuck in the never-never land of the dead letter office at the Post Office.
Stop it, just stop it right now.

I somehow am observing myself, like I’m floating above me, watching myself pacing, wringing my hands, and feeling my heart racing. Beads of sweat pepper my forehead. I was having a full-blown panic attack. It has to stop.

Taking a few cleansing breaths, I calmed myself. My dreams were winging their way to the only person that ever meant something to me, and my fate would soon be in their hands.

As I stepped off the plane, I began to tremble. Was this the right thing? Had I made the right choice? I didnt know. I hoped it was the right choice.

I collected my bags, and then went to get a cab. Where to, the cab driver said in a friendly voice.

I wanted to say to the place where my dreams will finally come true, but all I said was 52nd street please.

He drove, and before i knew it we were there. I stepped out of the car, smiled, and waved, then walked nervously up the path to my new dream life.

The new life I had been dreaming about since he left me. I was finally free to be myself. It is time for a change, new look, new clothes, new start, a new me. Off with the old! Walking into the spa’s salon, I am greeted by the director, who gave me a sweeping look. “Hmm, I see we have our work cut out for us, dear…”

He winked at me and left.

“Did he really do that?” I wondered.

After spending two refreshing hours at the salon, I felt relaxed of all the worries of my life. I took a cab to my friend’s place who had returned to the country after a year. The meeting with her was planned a week before. I was excited to meet her. We had grown up together. Remembering the childhood days spent together, I didn’t realise when I closed my eyes and dozed off.

When I woke up, I found myself lying on the floor. I didn’t remember how I reached there. I didn’t know how much time had passed. It was completely dark there. The place was unfamiliar to me. I was neither tied in ropes nor blindfolded. I heard some footsteps nearing me and a familiar voice, “Hmm, we have our work cut out for us, my dear…”


Very special thanks to the fab-five bloggers who contributed to this round of the game: SuzeGhost mmncCarol AnneThe Bag Lady and Saumya! Please take a minute and visit their blogs  🙂

33 thoughts on “Cadavre exquis – Take 2; Team 2

    1. You people are awesome! I was, once again, amazed at how well all the pieces fit together! I am glad I turned this take into 3 stories… I should be able to post the last one soon!

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  1. Oh my God! I just can’t believe that every piece fits int to the story and mine too 😀
    Also, I realised I skipped part 1. Heading over there!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am so happy with all three stories… You guys are amazing, and it was such a pleasure to play with all of you! The results are far beyond my expectations! 🙂 Thank you for participating Saumya. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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