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This one goes to MyDangBlog…

Remember when I posted about how blogging had side effects on my life? Well it happened again today.

Just three days ago, I read this post at MyDangBlog: My week 183; Things that boggle the mind. The first point was about dental floss holders, and how people seem to throw them away in the weirdest places…

Well, I had a thought for you today Miss! (You have to tell me how to call you… I’m tired of saying “The girl from MyDangBlog”… Even if your blog’s name is really cool!)



See?? Not really?




Voilà! Found in the decorating pebbles in front of my work place… No farther than five feet away from a trash can.

I took my pictures thinking “why oh why didn’t that compulsive flosser just throw it in the garbage??”

Now I am back inside, and I just realized I could have thrown it away myself. But I didn’t.



21 thoughts on “This one goes to MyDangBlog…

  1. That’s funny. Today I was going to the bank, and lo, and behold, what do I see in the bank parking lot, but one of those dental floss holders! I immediately thought of that post on MyDangBlog. Does one need to floss their teeth for the security cameras?

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    1. Good point, Tony! 🙂 And I think I am really tired, because I had an image in mind, while reading your comment… And now I am definately not going back to pick it up and throw it away!! LOL

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