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Nombril de semaine…



Hello Lovelies,

Wednesday already, and it is time to share a couple of links with you… As I said just last week, my previous list was far from complete, and here are five more bloggers you might not know just yet! I wish I had more time to visit them more often, and I hope this post will bring them a couple more readers!

I wanted to introduce each blog like I did last week, but I am lacking time today… Just take my word for it, each one is worth a click!



Boldly going forward..because I can’t find reverse

Over the hill on the yellow brick road

The random blog of irreverent thoughts

What if we all cared?



10 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. ARGH Cyranny there went my evening! 😁

    “OK I’ll check out one… oohhh nice” *read… read… FOLLOW!… read…* “Huh Maybe two. That one was kinda awesome…ooohh shiny!” *read… read… FOLLOW!… read…read… comment… read…* “The children can cook their own dinner, they’re old enough. Just one more.” *read… read… read… FOLLOW!… read…*


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