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Sleepover wrap up!



Last week, I held my third Meet & Greet party, and thanks to all of you, it was quite a success once again! I know… It took me a long time to make the wrap up post, but it has been quite a busy week… and at last; Here it is!!

So a huuuuuuge thank you all! Wether you just visited, left a “like” or joined the conversation, you all contributed to the sleepover party, and I’m already looking forward to the next to come!

I’ve welcomed many good friends… And this kind of events makes me realize how lucky I am to have you around! You are all special in your own way, and I like the netpatchwork we have become!

There were a couple of new faces too! And I hope you enjoyed your visit to The Cove!

The comment box in the original post can be a little confusing, with all the conversations that took place, so I’m listing every blogger who attended the party, hoping you’ll visit a couple you don’t know already!


Richmond Road

Revenge of Eve


This Made me Smile Today

It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes

Chanty’s Cosmos

Therapy Bits

As Lovely As Petrichor

Beckie’s Mental Mess

My Inner MishMash


Nuggets of Gold

Randomness Inked







23 thoughts on “Sleepover wrap up!

      1. Am I not the best??… well, almost the best!?… Ok, among something like the least bad of the bestest… Ok, let’s settle with “I don’t totally suck” shall we? 😉

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  1. I didn’t realize it was a week long!! I damn sure would’ve posted more links. Thank you for the opportunity and I can’t wait for next months 😉

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    1. It was intended to be one or two days long… but I left it running a little longer because I was too busy to make the wrap up post… hehehe

      Thanks for coming, and I’ll be looking forward to welcome you to April’s event 😉

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