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A friend brought this to my attention…

And it is soooo true. I am proud of my country, and I love it very much… (not as much as Denmark, of course, but still a lot) But one thing we suck at, is having driveable roads when spring comes!

I can’t believe that in 2018, after sending people into space, no one has managed to come up with asphalt that doesn’t disintegrate when the ground unfreezes!

I suspect a poor-quality-asphalt lobby, making sure we don’t get to buy the good stuff, just to make sure they (here’s that mysterious “they” again) can make loads of money filling the countless holes in the roads…

Dang, I complain, and I don’t even have a car!!  Fellow people who have a cold winter too, how are the roads in your country, when spring comes again??

12 thoughts on “Mouarf!

  1. Our winter is so cold it even dips below 0 C some mornings, and we have to endure average daytime temperatures as low as 20 C – the roads seem to survive – though during summer when we commonly get temperatures well above 40 C, tarmac can get ‘a little loose’ …


  2. Giant potholes… Small potholes… Patched potholes that never stay patched… They’ve even made an ice cream flavor for it… “Nor’easter Pothole” … Chocolate ice cream swirled with black tar fudge, with crushed chocolate cream cookie gravel and asphalt chocolate chips.

    It was delicious, by the way.

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  3. Who’s at fault if the asphalt’s faulty? It is futile to fault the frail, faulty asphalt when the fault is felt each fall without fail when the asphalt faults are felt by all. Who’s fault is the frail, failed asphalt faults? Why, it’s that ass, Faulk, at Faulk’s Fine Asphalt Bazaar.

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