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Daleks for everyone!

Thanks to Draughtrider, it was brought to my attention that the lights outside my work’s building look like Daleks!

Now, if, like me, Dalek is a new word for you… Just Google it quickly, and you’ll get it!

I decided to take more pics of the Daleks during my break tonight…


Daleks looking over unreachable picnic tables…..


Yes… blurry Daleks… but it is night time. And it is winter. My fingers were cold!


More Daleks, less blurry…


I think this one it the master of Daleks… It is the only one with a warm orangy tone… All the others are more on the greenish side of the spectrum. Maybe, this one is just angry, while the others are in a happy mood? Hard to say.

I just hope it will amuse Doctor Who fans out there….

47 thoughts on “Daleks for everyone!

      1. well, we get both ends of the specter, here… LOL it can go down to -30F in the winter and up to 105F in the summer! But both are extremes, of course… I can’t complain too much, the only thing I can’t stand about weather is rain when the temperature is really cold…. Choose Mother Nature, “cold” or “rain”… Not both at the same time!! πŸ˜›

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      1. They failed to mention… I’ll have to enquire!

        I feel lucky not to have a sweet tooth! That way, I don’t have to worry about pre/post holidays like V-Day, Easter or Christmas πŸ˜› And it saves ChΓ©ri a couple of bucks LOL

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      1. I agree… but I wouldn’t put the blame on just the US if we end up not being worth rescuing… Your mr Pres is pretty terrible, but things are pretty discourageing all around the world!


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