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After Eight Moments…


Attachment leads to jealousy.
The shadow of greed, that is.
Train yourself to let go of
everything you fear to lose. 




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36 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

      1. Good day my fair damsel. I have just awoken to an extremely cold day. Am currently in the Himalayas though I have no substantial reason why. What about you?


      2. Oh, the Himalayas? Good choice of travel 🙂 I hope you keep all your toes, and especially, all your fingers 😉

        I have spent the day in Boringland, which explains the lateness of my reply. I hope not to stay too long here… To pack my bag again and travel to a much more exotic place in a very near future…. I’ll make sure to let you know when that happens!

        Best wishes for your journey 😉 xx

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      3. Boringland is the neccessary stop to find the new interesting places. I think. Hope you pack your bags and move on fast. I recommend the sea. I live near the sea and whenever I’m run dry the sea gives me something new.
        There was this one time I had no new ideas for like a week. So I fasted for two days, didn’t have water or food and well didn’t give me any new Ideas but it was just a change

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      4. LOL Silly Count 🙂 I think I’ll pass on the fasting, since it didn’t give you any inspiration…. But I might try the sea! Water has always been my favorite element. I could never live too far away from it….

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  1. The best of the prequel films, even if it committed the cardinal sin of killing off Christopher Lee in the first act, after one scene, just like “Return of the King.” I vaguely wonder if they were deliberately setting out to complete that film’s “work” (Having had his LOTR character killed off with a stake to the heart, he follows it up with being decapitated by Anakin … those being the recommended two steps to ensure permanent vampiric death).

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