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You held me
in parenthesis,
close to your
pun, just a comma
away from your
heart, though you
wouldn’t admit it.

Punctuating the most
perfect evening, you
hyphenated our lips
I saw asterisks, and
knew right away,
This was love…


14 thoughts on “Period.

      1. If only! I wish I could channel inspiration, because it often hits me when I can’t sit down and write. And then, when I have free time, I am left with just the main idea, thinking “Dang, that was brilliant…”

        Do you know Tenacious D? Because that inspiration thing reminded me of “The Tribute”…

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      2. Yes, I have that exact same problem. I can think of all sorts of things to write about while I’m at work. But as soon as I get home and in front of the keyboard …. nothing. And even the thoughts I had at work seem sort of uninspiring and dull when I think about them later when I have time.

        I was not familiar at all with Tenacious D. Thanks for the link!

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