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Picture Battle: Momma vs Cyra – The Bikini Question.

Ohhhhh  I know somebody, whose interest just skyrocketed!

Women in bikinis… It is that time of year again. Well, not for me, but everybody should be happy about that! And Momma said the forbidden words…

Picture Battle

And she started it with this: Click here! Click here! Click here! Click here!

Now, I just couldn’t let this pass by. I jumped on the Internet to find my “fight-back” picture.

Key words: “Ugly bikini”  Result: Babes in bikinis…. Dang!

Key words: “Bikini fail” Result: Babes in bikinis…. Dang dang!

Key words: “Bikini nightmare” Result: Babes in bikinis…. Dang dang dang!

Key words: “Men-like ugly nightmare fail no-no-no-no, my eyes are bleeding, help me, call 911, no shave, showing too much, shouldn’t be wearing this, WTF? bikini (that should do it…. right?) Result: Dang babes in dang bikinis…. DANG!


I felt defeated already.

But I am not the kind to give up so easily! So I changed my strategy. Today being my American friends’ National holiday, I decided to celebrate 4th of July with two things I don’t like… Matching clothes, and swimwear!




Not quite a bikini, but I think I should get extra points for the nipple tape!

And if you want more bikinis… you can always give my previous bikini post a look, here.



22 thoughts on “Picture Battle: Momma vs Cyra – The Bikini Question.

    1. LOL Sorry for that… there should be some type of “This post contains stuff you might wish to unsee” warning available on WordPress…. I’ll try to work that up with them! 😉

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      1. I just Googled Facekini because I’ve never heard of that before and I have to say that I LIKE IT!! Total anonymity, total deniability! And if they make a total body Facekini that would be even BETTER! I would only have to decide what pattern and color I would like – something blurry and sand colored, methinks. :o)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It does exist…. Google “burkini” and you’ll find your match (my knowledge about swimwear is frightening, I know… LOL)

        1 burkini, and 1 facekini please! All set for the beach 🙂 And if anyone asks, I’ll tell them how much money I plan on saving not having to buy sunscreen anymore! LOL

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    1. Mouahahahahahaha what color would you prefer? (if I’m going to pay for eye transplants, might as well give you your fav color, so you can forgive me faster :P)


      1. Well, as I said previously I do have a tankini, and although I didn’t wear it this Summer, I did use it when we went for a week in Cuba, a couple of years back… And I didn’t feel awkward at all… The one piece coverage, while feeling like you are (almost) wearing a bikini 😉 I recommend it! 🙂

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