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After Eight Moments…


This one will require some explanation…

Many of you must know Danny from Dream Big Dream Often. Danny has a daily question, and I often participate. One day, the question was about special talents we had… Of course, I had to find something to say, and I thought a long time, before coming up with my most useless hidden talent; tying a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

I had a doubt after my public declaration… It had been years since I last did it, and maybe I didn’t have that “talent” anymore. Tonight, at the restaurant, when my Sangria glass arrived, I had a calling!

As soon as I took my last sip, I reached for the cherry, ate it, and put the stem in my mouth. I probably didn’t look very intelligent for a few seconds, but I succeeded!

Ok… Why are you gentlemen looking at me like that?? Yes, I am skilled with my tongue. So what? What’s with the empty stare?  *Sigh*



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4 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. LOOOOL (and of course, the first thing I did after reading this was to try it…. Nope, I can’t!) We are such gifted women, aren’t we? 😉 Sometimes I wonder what other useless amazing talents I have, that I am just unaware of…


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