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via Daily Prompt: Relieved


It was thursday afternoon of a warm Summery day. I remember it was a Thursday, because I had to take the trash out on the side of the street, since I was off work, and home alone.

Now, just to set the picture straight, I am a strong supporter of all day pajamas wearing, unless I have to go out, in which case I will dress up a bit. But as soon as I return home, I hop into my comfy pj pants, and drop the bra for complete comfort. Not sexy? For sure, but I am not the star of a reality show, so no one minds my comfy ways when I am hidden in my lair.

I was wearing black stretch pants bought way before I lost quite some weight, making them loose stretch pants (again, not sexy but oh! So dang comfy!) and a very (too) large Big Bang Theory t-shirt (yes, I am 39!), when I decided it was time to take the trash bag and go drop it on the sidewalk, to get rid of it.

Now, from the apartment’s door, my dropping spot was just a few steps down and maybe 3 meters away (make it four, just to be sure) and I didn’t feel it necessary to put on shoes to take care of the 30 seconds long chore.

It was simple. Step down stairs, get to the sidewalk, drop the bag and run back in. Simple if Murphy’s laws don’t constantly apply to your life. You know about Murphy’s Laws , right?

If anything can go wrong… It will go wrong!

As soon as I got down the few stairs, a soft breeze started blowing. I do enjoy a bit of wind on a hot Summer day, but I also have a front door that locks itself as soon as you close it. I took a look back, but thought “meh, it’s just a breeze…”

It is never just a breeze.

As soon as I turned my back to the door, the wind, having a mind of its own, and a clear plan to make my afternoon more epic than planned, suddenly started blowing stronger. When I heard the slamming, I knew I exactly what had happened.

I was locked out of the apartment. Bare foot, wearing loose stretch pants, BBT t-shirt, no bra and hair that didn’t care. N ot that it usually cares all that much, but it screamed “any loose change, sir?” at that moment.

I dropped the bag and thought about the set of keys hanging right next to the door… Inside. Chéri was working until midnight, so calling him wasn’t an option. How would I have anyway, not having a cell phone back then, and no change to make a call (IF there had been a public phone around the block).

I tried a naive turning of the doorknob, you know, just in case… Which proved to be uneffective, of course.  Luckily, my next door neighbour is a dear friend, and I gave her a set of keys for emergencies. So I walked to her door.

By then, my neighbour’s neighbour (no, not me)  was coming back home, and gave me quite a look up and down, as I rang at the door (no, not her door, my friend’s, please stop interrupting me!). And seeing that there was no answer, I realized that my friend was at work. Dang!

could have walked to the office. It is about 5 minutes away from home. BUT, there was no way I would dare showing up to the security booth looking like a homeless girl. No way… Well maybe I’d have to, and I was petrified at the thought of it.

There was one last hope, but given the situation, I was pretty pessimist. Our back balcony door has a screen that can easily be lifted up to slip an arm inside and unlock the door. That is IF the window was open. And I had a habit of closing all windows in the morning when very warm temperatures were expected, to keep the night’s cool air in.

I had nothing to lose, and walked around the block to see if I was in for any glitch of luck. Of course, our backstreet is covered with gravel, making it painful to walk barefoot, but that was the least of my problems at the time.

I entered our backyard, and walking up the stair case, I noticed that my friend’s neighbour (yes, the one I had met earlier) was now sitting on her back-balcony. Dang! Dang, dang! She was looking at me as if I was just trying to enter any apartment. I couldn’t blame her. We do live in a modest neighbourhood, after all.

What I was about to do wouldn’t reassure her.  For sure.

I got to the back door, and took a deep breath before peeking in…

Halleluja! I quickly lifted the screen door, reached in and unlocked the door. Back to safety… At last. I must say I expected a visit from the police for a while. They never showed up.


Why was I talking about all this? Oh yeah… Relieved. I was relieved. I don’t think I have too strong of an ego, but it suffered a bit that afternoon. Needless to say that my keys never leave me whenever I step out the door, even just to take out the trash!

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