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Feathery visitor…


I am at the office (duh!!) and I was chatting with my co-worker (who also happens to be my friend and neighbour) when I noticed a little bird in the corner of one of our windows….


It was a yellow warbler, and it seemed pretty intrigued when it figured it could look into our office…


I got as close as I could to take a couple of pictures of the fluffy little thing. It didn’t seem scared at all, it even tried to find a way to come in, jumping left and right, pressing itself to the window, in case there would be a hole somewhere…


It stayed for about 10 minutes, flew away, and then came back a second time, maybe to make sure we were still there?


I was imagining what it “told” the other yellow warblers when it went home…


I swear, guys! That big grey box… It is hollow! And there are humans trapped in it! Yes, I’m serious! I went to check twice! You know that shiny stuff Jim’s dad killed himself flying into? Well, no wonder he broke his neck, it is hard as rock, and you can’t see it!! It is totally weird!

I haven’t figured how to go passed it, but we have to find a way to free those humans!! There’s a whole bunch of stuff in the box, but no tree, no plant whatsoever… There seems to be no bugs, or worms, or fruit of any kind… and I can’t see where they will get water, the box is completely closed! No way rain is going to get to them! It is totally cruel!!


On that point, he is right, though. It is cruel to keep us here.  😉

The sun has set now… But I sure hope our little yellow fellow will come again tomorrow!


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