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Thank you life, for stupid… (3)

I never thought this would become a series…

Well, wrong again, girl! It just seems it has, without asking you!

Now, what happened this time, you might wonder… And I’ll try to make a long story short. (Good luck, Cyra!)

When I started blogging, Chéri couldn’t care less. He didn’t have any interest in me writing stuff online, and though it did hurt me at first, he explained he saw it like an online journal, and that it was better he didn’t read it. Very clever… So we settled for that.

And never since has he even mentionned the possibility of reading some of my posts. And with time… I’ve come to enjoy the fact that I can say anything I please (almost… I am not a rude person in real life, I won’t play that game online…) in the Cove.

But! (there is always a but!)

Lately, I took the habit of showing him the picture I had in store for my After Eight Moments… They’re just pictures, so they don’t require much time and obviously don’t violate my online privacy, so he checks them out, and comments them from time to time….

Today I got an email, at the office.

Shot this in my work building’s parking lot… thought you could use it as your “photo du jour”…

What could that be? I clearly couldn’t use it for my daily post, since I hadn’t taken the picture, but I was curious…

Here’s the little treasure:



I don’t fall for those pictures on The Internets, because some people will go out of their way to make you believe something like that actually happened. It just takes a couple of guys with too much time on their hands, not afraid to brake a gas line, or break line, or whatever line there is under the car that will make it a lot less drivable if broken… And tadaaaa, you have a picture just like this one.

But I know that this DID happen, and that it wasn’t intended.

Dang! I don’t even know how he could have done it even if he wanted to!

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t usually enjoy judging people. This could have been a stupid accident, but in that case, you’d see the driver in the picture, trying to get a towing truck, and the said driver would be appalled by what had just happened… But our champion here didn’t take that road (or so to speak). This kind of person has “Judge Me” tatooed on their forehead! Don’t blame me for having fun on their behalf!

Ok, so… My mind went into overdrive (yes, pun intended! lol). I just tried to imagine the guy coming in for work, possibly a little late…  Not noticing the (HUGE) concrete low wall, bumping into it… Probably quite hard for the car to go straight over it. Getting out of the car, with a bit of a trouble, due to the sudden altitude…. Locking it, and getting in the building!

Oh, and before I get the first sexist comment… Because, yes, even though we ladies are far more present on WordPress than men, I am lucky to have many gentlemen readers… I say “he” because that was the glorious work of a man!

I haven’t asked Chéri (who has witnessed the whole scene) yet… But I sooooo wish to learn that the driver was wearing a very fancy suit.

I can just imagine the walk of shame… A little like when Freja has missed a jump, almost broken her neck, and walks away trying to look all fancy and not pride-broken…

I can’t get tired of that picture. It amazes me that people like that are loose among us. I am a little scared too.

That’s the work of just one of them….



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