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My crazy brains…

Today, I have wonders about mustard.

I like mustard. It is a condiment that compliments well many otherwise bland food. And I must admit that even if I like ketchup, mayonaise and remoulade as much if not more, mustard has the advantage of not being sweet and/or fat, making it calories filled.

But this morning, a weird wondering surfaced.



There is no calorie in a teaspoon…. Fine.

What if I eat the whole bottle? Not that I would…. But what if I did?










Just for the records…  This is a 400 millilitres bottle.

A teaspoon holds 5 millilitres of mustard, but no Calorie.

400 ml = 80 teaspoons

80 X 0 Calorie = 0



3 thoughts on “My crazy brains…

    1. Ok, this is pathetic… I just made a research to know if that was possible. I did. And it IS possible.

      Now I am considering it. And trying to convince myself that I would do so for the sake of science. But nope, I am just dang curious. And silly.

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