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Hénétriac… (Part 1)

(originally posted April 26th, 2016. Note that, although I was tempted to, I didn’t re-write parts of the story. I have gotten more comfortable writing in English since last year, but I thought I’d re-publish it as it was back then… )

* * * *

This story, I dedicate to Rowena, who was my very first follower when I started the Cove. Blogging has proved out to bring a lot more into my life than what I had expected at first… And if it weren’t for people like her, who gave me a pat on the back as soon as I jumped on the ice, my journey would have been a lot different.

Rowena had shown some interest about reading a mermaid little tale of mine… First written when I was still a naïve young woman… And now revisited here.

So here it is… I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Once upon a time, in the depths of the seas, lived Mermaid colonies… The half-women half-fish creatures ruled the ocean, and terrified the sailors as much as they intrigued them. They were all beautiful and alluring, all except one. She was named Hénétriac.

As seducing as they were, mermaids were cruel creatures that lured men with their angelic voices, forcing them to jump into the water where they were drowned and then their ships sunken without the least bit of mercy.

Hénétriac’s mother had been cursed for refusing to join the hits against mankind ships traveling on their seas. She couldn’t accept the pointless rampage. There was, after all, more than enough sources of feeding in the oceans to keep the carnage going. So when she gave birth to her only child, she immediately understood the Gods were punishing her, when she noticed the very different little creature in her arms.

She had raised Hénétriac to understand she was one special soul among the pack. But the little mermaid knew she lacked the beauty granted to all others of her kind. Her hair didn’t have that glow the others’ had, and her tale’s scales didn’t shine as much or show colors as vivid and harmonious. She had very plain figures, unlike the pretty and delicate ones of the others. She was mocked and made fun of, every day. She wasn’t even invited to the daily attacks against men, which she didn’t matter, not wanting to join anyway…

After her mother’s passing, Hénétriac spent more and more time alone. Most of the time, going to the shore. She knew that most mermaids wouldn’t come there, not wanting to know about men’s land… She’d sit on some stones, and sing to herself, while trying to count the stars… Night after night she sang to ease the pain of losing her mother…

One evening, something new happened.

– Excuse me…

Hénétriac jumped and quickly moved towards the water to escape… But the voice didn’t feel aggressive, and she waited for a second…

– Pardon me, I didn’t want to scare you… Are you still there?… I was walking along the beach, and couldn’t help but hear this beautiful voice of yours.

Hénétriac was prudently hiding behind the rocks, ready to swim away, but she was held back by her curiosity… She had never seen a man before, and this voice in the dark, that sounded harmless, had to be a man’s… Her very first encounter with mankind!

Her heart was pounding like a drum, still hiding behind the rocks…

– Come on, come out… I can hear you breathing over there – How could he? Even if the sea was very still – I am deeply sorry for the surprise, please come out and accept my appologies…? My name is Michael…

Michael… Her mother had warned her about men. But it was so tempting to peak just once… He didn’t sound dangerous at all, after all… And she climbed her way back on the rocks, slowly…



Also available; Part two

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