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I love you… or… You stink!

It must be one or the other. Or both, maybe.

Yesterday, I was on my way to the office kitchen (yes, at work again…) and one of the cleaning ladies happened to pass me by. Bla bla bla, we were exchanging small talk, when she suddenly said I smelled good.

It caught me a little bit off guard, but I thanked her and the conversation turned to perfume, and she happened to have quite some knowledge about the subject. She knew my perfume (Dolce Vita, from Christian Dior) and that they weren’t selling it anymore… and she offered to bring me a few samples from home, since she collected them.

I said that, sure, that’d be nice of her…


This is what waited on my desk when I got to work today.



Ok, don’t go crazy just yet (especially you, Bag Lady!!), as this is not genuine leather. I took off my coat and scarf, and proceeded to empty the mysterious non-leather bag…



Hmmm… I am pretty sure people who write dictionaries wouldn’t judge it correct to use the term “few” when talking about 57. But I might be wrong. It happened to me in the past…

Fifty seven shades of perfume, no less…

I’m thinking about making a list of the names, and throwing a blogging challenge of some sort… Just so this weird event didn’t happen for no reason!

I talked to little brother about it, and I love his reaction (exact conversation, just translated):


me: I think one of the cleaning ladies has a thing for me…

Little bro: Lucky you!

me: Yesterday we discussed perfumes, and today I had this on my desk (sharing above picture)

Lillte bro: Tonight, discuss Ferraris!



I love my brother! And that’s a nice way to end a post!   🙂



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