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Winter whispers…



Wondering, lingering, hanging by a thread,

a murmur in cursive letters

youth spread over the scars of years past

not even hoping to heal

else than the day’s worries.


Pain is temporary, she said softly

lay with me, in silence and let life’s rumblings pass by

aime moi, in the simplest of things

not questionning your heart

ifs and whys folded and stored

neatly, leaving the open space to her winter whispers…


Ignoring the hail and the winds

Locking the cold outside

Your beauty muttered on the endless snowbanks….



7 thoughts on “Winter whispers…

    1. Thank you for the good words πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to see you again soon around the Cove… I have been silent lately because of my trip out of the country, but I am back and should be a lot quicker to respond now πŸ™‚

      Have a nice Sunday! xx

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