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Wandering afoot…



My path is not uncertain, though you might think so if you chose the paths that I did

I told my feet where they needed to go, and try as they would to avoid the pitfalls and contours of my uncertainty, they heeded my wishes and continued on my quest.

The blackness of the waters alongside my pathway reflected the growing anger of the sky clouds. Rain and its sisters were pounding the hillsides across the valley, blinding me from what I had expected to see, binding my intentions on progress

My way led upward, through forests of needles and outcroppings of granite. No longer would the water fairies want to pull me under the rushing stream, against the mossy rocks, under where there was no oxygen for me to breathe.

I stopped and filled my lungs with air, sparse though it was in its fullness, better than the icy death of frozen waters, my lifeless form being washed up on an otherwise pristine shore, my eyes, glassy and not moving, while the clouds drifted on by

Who was he, that traveler? Some might say that he didn’t belong while he was still alive, but now that he’s dead, he is one with us…

I gazed upon my lifeless form, but didn’t stop to sigh and say, “Alas, I knew him well” as my path still led me upward, in the morning sun….