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My glass house (part 1)

I dusted up a little series I wrote a year ago… Here’s the first episode of 6 (to this day… who knows, I might get back to it someday) I wrote it on February 4th 2016, and I hope some of you will enjoy it… 🙂 Come visit the original post for the full story!

Cyranny's Cove

One morning, I woke up and felt a weird urge to build something. I had no specific construction skills but it didn’t matter. My hands were just itching and there was nothing to be done about it.

I found a spot in the woods, planted a sign in the ground with my name on it and I was suddenly in business. I started building a glass house, slowly but surely. I am not an architect, nor a contractor, I didn’t have a plan or even a clear idea of what my house would look like once finished. I had a thought for those Ikea-like glass house kits, but figured I’d be prouder if I did this all by myself. It might not look as good at the end, but it’d be all me.

One day, as I was screwing a piece of glass on, a man walked by. He came…

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