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My Québec hurts…

Tonight, my dear, peaceful Québec hurts…

A few hours ago, some man entered a Mosque in Québec City and opened fire on the 100 or about people that were there for a prayer session.

We’re almost used to terrorist attacks now, let’s face it. But sadly, in most situations, they are attacks of minorities against the country that welcomed them.

Not the case here, and it sickens me.

I know it is a minority speaking up for the minority. But it sickens me to see an attack against Muslims in my Province.

Details are few… But the picture is dark. And I am sorry tonight. Sorry that the image of Québec will be stained by the acts of a horrible person.

For years now… For decades… Québec has been a welcoming haven for people of different nationalities, races, sexual orientations…

I am disappointed, to say the least. We are never safe from evil, but I never thought some of “us” would join the worldly hate movement.

I am sorry, world… “We” don’t hate gays, lesbians, Muslims, Jews, blacks or asians.

I am sorry… Blood never should have been shed.



22 thoughts on “My Québec hurts…

    1. Terribly. And it might look like just another drop in the sea of terrorism in the world, but it is the “whys” that hurt so much this morning.

      I thought I lived in one of the most peaceful places on earth, and some rotten apples just showed me hate in my back yard.

      To know that the Eiffel Tower will not be lit up tonight because of something that happened here is disturbing….

      Sad sad world.

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    1. Thank you for your warm thoughts… It is sad to see the madness spread, and when it hits close to home, it just makes things more real. I wish I could hope for it to stop, but I know that hate has strong roots in today’s world… Unfortunately :/

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      1. Yes, sadly you might be right but even though hate has strong roots I’d like to think that good is even stronger. Naive maybe but can’t give up on hoping for a better world.

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      2. I don’t think it is being naive… We just can’t give up completely.

        It would be a terribly sad world if we didn’t react anymore… I just hope people won’t fight hate with hate again…

        Vicious circle.

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