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Picture Battle OM vs Cyra… Keyboard!

Sometimes, I get worried that OM will think I don’t know how to read. My getting crazy about his picture-only posts has noooothing to do with that. No. I just don’t speak English, and I don’t have time to run all his posts through Google Translate!

Most of you must know by now what a Picture Battle is about. But if you don’t… Just try a little research in the sidebar! No, I’m not lazy, but I have a “research” widget, and it is lonely.

So…  Tonight I was in the living room, alone, minding my own business, not bothering anyone (to my knowledge) when BAM! (no, not another brain attack, thank God!)

Here’s what OM did to me…..   Click! Click Click! Click Click! Click Click! Click


Game on, man!



I already showed you my keyboard in the past (ooh, that almost sounded naughty lol) but I had to take a special picture for OM.

And why the Thrills? Well, Jason talked about not stealing other bloggers’ work earlier today, and since this is a “Picture” post (no writing whatsoever… Neither in his post nor my fight back!) I considered I had to prove this picture was totally mine!

And why the Thrills? (Why does this sound familiar…?) Well, I have a proof that I own a pack (Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!)

And be honest, NO ONE else has a pack of Thrills at home! So this picture is 100 % authentic! Voilà!

4 thoughts on “Picture Battle OM vs Cyra… Keyboard!

    1. LOOOOOOL I haven’t opened them yet… I’ve been thinking “what if I keep them untouched and they stop making the yucky gum, and it becomes super rare, and I still wait a little, and put them on ebay or something, and make tons of money out of them….

      And then I thought… They’ve been making them for more than 30 years, and people still buy the dang gums, it’ll never happen :/

      *sigh* (LOL)


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