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I am computer stupid….



I am. RAM, Gigs, cookies…  I don’t understand computer stuff.

I must have too old of a soul… I guess.

11 thoughts on “I am computer stupid….

    1. Amen!!!!

      My first computer commited suicide! It litterally caught on fire! So I guess it is a hate/hate problem in my case. I might have to get some professional help some day, but for now, as you say, as long as I can keep my job, and open FB and WP, I am good! LOL


      1. Ohhhh…that’s unfortunate. And a bizarre way for a suicide I must say. Maybe you just need a new set of computer, a one that could keep up with your phase, well you know what I mean, hahaha. Your phase must be too hot to handle!😁
        Kidding aside, sorry for the computer…

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    1. Can I have his phone number? LOOOOOL No, just kidding, I am lucky too… My little brother is an engineer in computer stuff, and sometimes I wonder if he didn’t choose this field of studies just to be able to help me! Mouahahaha

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