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Rain Frog… (I need your help!)

This will be quick. (yeah, right!)

I was just doing the usual surfing from A to S, to C, to Z on the Internets, when I found a video on YouTube. It is a rain frog doing, well… I guess the sound rain frogs make! I don’t know if it is in pain, if it is trying to attract a mate or if it is just mad for looking like a tempura frog, but it is pretty funny to look at/listen to.

What’s even more funny, is Freja’s reaction to it. She went CRA.ZY! I think I played the video 10 times, and I got tired of listening to the squeeking before her!

Now we’re playing a game of “yeah-sure-go-to-sleep-I’ll-play-the-tempura-frog-video-when-you-close-your-eyes”. It is kind of like getting back at her for waking us up in the morning.

Here’s the video:


Now, I was wondering if you could play it too, and see if your cat reacts to it? If you don’t have a cat, try it out on your dog. No dog? Any other pet will do! Yes, even a ferret. You don’t own a pet? You must have neighbours, right? No, don’t play it to your neighbour, that would be silly! Borrow their pet. No luck there either? I’d say that’s why they invented petshops… Buy yourself a furry companion! Alergic to fur?  (OMG you’re making my life impossible here!!) buy a snake gawd dang it! Be creative!!

Some people just don’t want to help!

Well, if you find a way, just let me know if you got a reaction. I gotta go, Freja just fell asleep on the couch!!


6 thoughts on “Rain Frog… (I need your help!)

  1. Both my cats AND my dogs bark, yowl and try to catch that blasted frog! They whined when the noise stopped. Is that what you had in mind? love the noise it makes…it is a real life squeaky toy!

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    1. Can you imagine having like 20 of them squeaking all at once!?! LOL

      Oh! Oh! Oh! Freja just closed her eyes again… give me a sec!

      Hah! Working again!

      Is it just me, or does it look like its 4 legs look asleep!! lol

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  2. Charlie my Cavalier KC Spaniel looked intensely at the screen for a few seconds & then gave me a disparaging look and lay back down. Subsequently replayings have completely failed to raise any interest.

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    1. This is taking an interresting almost scientific turn… I love it!! Thanks for your participation Lisa 🙂
      And special thanks to Charlie, for showing his (little) interrest in the project lol

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