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Micro-poésie du vendredi


Un jour, mon amour

Nous serons vieux

Nos mémoires fragiles

Nos mains noueuses

Nos pas traînants

Nos peaux rugueuses

D’avoir trainé dans cette vie…


Enlace-moi aujourd’hui


Coucher ma jeunesse sur tes lèvres

Et souris de vieillir avec moi…

7 thoughts on “Micro-poésie du vendredi

    1. Did you get stuck on the “mouse” part as well? Then it was easier for you to say, things like “remain forever in French”. How do you say, “take the easy way out”? in French

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  1. Directly from Google Translate. It sounded good until “Enlace”, then it went from youth on your lips and mouse to grow old with me!

    Heavy stuff! If only, I knew what it really meant?

    Enlace me today

    Leave me

    Lying my youth on your lips

    And mouse to grow old with me

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