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Around the World(press) Amazing Race!



It is on!

We already have three happy participants…

#TeamDonkey will have my dear Madame Suze as it’s captain!

#TeamOwl will have Crazy Love Parents as its starting point!

And, The Bag Lady will take care of #TeamMonkey!



Want to join in? We still need 6 players, for #TeamElephant, #TeamTeddy, #TeamGiraffe, #TeamFox, #TeamPiggy and #TeamLion!

To set things straight, here are a few rules to make sure we keep track of our little critters…

For the team captains;

  • When you receive your team mascotte, take a picture of it, and make a post to announce its arrival in town (don’t forget to send me a message, I wouldn’t want to miss your post 😉 )
  • Write the adress of your Around the World(press) Amazing Race post on your critter’s back.
  • If you wish so (would be a lot more fun) find another person to send your animal to, and in your note, invite the person to visit this post, and yours, to let us know that the traveling went well!


For the following critter hosts;

  • Visit both links written on the back of your new friend, and leave us a little message to confirm its arrival to your house.
  • If you’re also a blogger, post a picture of your Team Creature to let everybody you’re part of the chain!
  • If you wish so ( I sure hope you will) find another person to send the little Craft Pet to.


I’ll put up a page to keep track of the whereabouts and the kilometers travelled for every Critter…  And if you hesitate to join in because of the cost of the posting fees, I’d like to add that the little things are flat, fit a standard letter envelope, and are super super light!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get these cute things traveling!!






9 thoughts on “Around the World(press) Amazing Race!

    1. I’m so happy she hopped in too!! This will be tons of fun! I think people should take a pic of the critter in front of something representative of their hometown… Have you ever seen the movie “Amelie Poulain”?


    2. Oh… btw, I tried to express my appreciation towards your reblogging of the Amazing race, but I can’t “like” as usual, and I can’t comment your post…. soooo… I sent some psychic message, hope you got it!! Muah!! xx


  1. #TeamOwl has arrived in the mail! Finally got through the stack of mail since getting home from Latvia. I will be writing a post shortly. Already have my first travels for #TeamOwl set up!!! 😁😁


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