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Love stories…

There’s a lot of love around me, and as you probably know, it doesn’t always involve people…

You already know about Nokia and Samsung’s fling… If not you can catch up here. They are still totally in synch, and Samsung cuddles against good old Nokia every night on the coffee table, probably telling it about the day’s weird picture taking and occasional call or text messages.

There was also my two pairs of headphones, who developped an instant attraction for each other when I brought Newer ones home just before my trip to Denmark… I was a bit afraid of Olders when me and Newers would come back from our journey, but it appears that the time spent away from each other had drawn them even closer. Their tangled love was just so cute, that I got tired of pulling them appart, and I got new ones…




Whiteys haven’t been introduced to either Olders nor Newers, in fear I would create a love triangle of some sorts. Love triangles are bad, except if they’re songs, then, they’re not bad at all 😉

So we were all sailing a pretty peaceful love boat lately, when something happened this morning. And this time, I think we are in trouble! First let me show you how I found out we had a new affair to deal with!



Seems like my woolen scarf has fallen deeply in love with my office chair. When I noticed the wool stock in the wheel, I thought it was too late!

I tried to talk them out, but love is as deaf as it is blind! And Scarf would entangle itself more and more in the wheel, to make sure I couldn’t pull them apart! I tried to explain that Office Chair was not allowed to leave the building for sleep overs (Booh boss!!) and that Scarf had to follow me home after my day of work…. But nothing would do!

Of course, I kept for myself the thought that even if this long distance relationship was to work out, there was always next Spring, and Scarf would have to be stored throughout Summer! And no one wants a sobbing scarf in their closet!

I was afraid I’d have to give Scarf a haircut to separate it from Office Chair… It would have been a shame. I bought Scarf last year in Toronto, on the day I met Jonas, and call me too sensitive if you will, but I really want to keep Scarf as it is for as long as I can!

Finally, I managed to set things straight again, without cutting any wool or dismembering any wheel of Office Chair, and everybody is safe!

I’ve allowed Scarf to spend some time on Office Chair’s back, if it they both behave…. I still have doubts, but I know how uncontrollable love can be, and I feel for them.

I guess we’ll see what the future holds for the odd couple!

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