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K like kiss… (A to Z Challenge)

I guess some of you might think I just gave up on the A to Z Challenge… Not really, but I have put “K” on the back burner a while ago, and just kept thinking “maybe tomorrow” over and over again.

Seing how “A like love” still draws some people to the Cove, I thought I might get back to the challenge now.  So here we go…  K!




No… Not Kiss the band. Though I like many of the famous American band’s songs, I didn’t even think about them when I chose my theme for this post.

I must say “K” got me puzzled up. Maybe because…

I have to say that “K” words in French are not many. No wonder why it is worth 10 points in a Scrabble game (the most points you can get for a letter). Of course, I had to Google Scrabble, because I only knew “K” was worth a lot, just not sure worth how much. And here’s where I found my information…


Don’t worry, the fact that it is in French doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Frog… it is a pretty basic page displaying points for all different languages, if you’re to play Scrabble, that is. I must say that I had never given a thought about the fact that it differed depending on your language, but it just makes sense!

Ok, so, I brainstormed with myself over what “K” word to choose… And only a few boring words, or complicated ones came to my mind… All words I would never been able to write a whole post about.

And then it popped… Kiss… Of course!

Everybody tries kissing at least once in his/her life! Be it pecks on the cheeks or long and passionate French kisses, old and young experience it.

Like letter values in Scrabble, kissing habits are strongly influenced by where in the world you consider kissing another person.

In Québec, it is common to kiss people you haven’t seen in a while, or when you leave people you won’t see for a while. Even strangers introduced by family or friends. When in “La Belle Province”, get ready for the usual two pecks, one on each cheek. In a lot of cases, people won’t even let their lips touch your face, and it’ll be more of a cheek to cheek touch and go! Girls kiss boys, girls kiss girls, boys kiss girls, but in general, boys will just keep it to a handshake with other boys.

In France and Belgium (unless things have changed over time… but hey! I’m not doing a reseach on the subject, just a post, so pardon my mistake if my knowledge is not accurately up to date), the kissing is even more common, and in some areas,  men may kiss men (we’re still talking about pecks here… just to keep you on track) without being the least bit awkward. Pecks can go up to 4 or 5 of them… Yeah, get ready for some sport!

Denmark is kind of the opposite. Greeting kisses is not really in Danes’ mores, not to say really not! Which can be a tad bit frustrating for an over excited French Canadian girl meeting long distance friends for the first time!

But kisses aren’t just a way of salutation… They also can be a demonstration of love, lust, or both for the luckiest of us! When I started this post, I admit I was taking the subject lightly. But the Internets are always there to remind me of how little I know about life! Googling “kiss” I found this gem of a website, teaching the ABC of kissing.


Because kissing, when it gets serious, is an art. I won’t give you all the tricks here, because I obviously am not an expert about it, but if you want to improve your own skills, or if you want to laugh a good deal, I highly recommend the wikihow page. It is pretty thorough, going from preparation to mastering advanced techniques. You’ll find explanations, pictures and short videos to help you become the awesome kisser you always dreamt of being!

Here are just a few points that got my attention…

  • Before kissing, make sure you are well hydrated, have moistured your lips and have a nice breath! (thanks for the tip, wiki!)
  • Study the level of privacy of the place where you are about to attempt kissing.
  • Tilt your head properly… I strongly advise reading this chapter closely. Bad tilting might put an awkward end to that otherwise perfect plan of kissing!
  • Breathe! In general, people don’t like kissing blue people… Unless they are Smurfs, or playing in Avatar!
  • If your first attempt went well, and your kissing partner expresses the will to give it a second round, wow him/her with the above-mentionned advanced skills you learned about. You’ll sweep him/her off his/her feet, and get access to all the kissing time you wish to spend doing!


Kissing is fun (when well done, but I gave you all the tools to get that point covered), but it is also useful! Even the Readers Digest says so!

  • Kissing boosts immunity.
  • Kissing helps pick up the best mate.
  • Kissing burns calories.
  • Kissing makes face muscles stronger.
  • Kissing naturally relaxes.


But don’t take my word for it…

5 Benefits of Kissing


So, there you go… All ready to snuggle on the couch with your loved one, or hide in the backstreet shadows with that new flirt of yours, and impress them with a hot session of butterflies-in-the-stomach kissing!

You can thank me later 😛


P.S. Oh dang, I had that song on my mind every since I wrote the first line about the band…




18 thoughts on “K like kiss… (A to Z Challenge)

    1. I can imagine you giggle, even if I never heard you… lol So, Madame Suze, what would you propose for “q”? Or is is just that with the time it took me to write “k”, I might just retire from work and be in an oldies’ home by the time I hit “q”? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  1. One of my very first crushes in school was a boy who LOVED the band Kiss. I knew about them a little but not much. Well i learned all about them and shortly there after the crush no longer held my interest….but 30 years later the band Kiss still does! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My thoughts exactly! 🙂 I just took Vivi out….started dinner and a load of wash…all the while singing…I was made for loving you baby…you were made for loving me…..I can’t get enough of you baby….can you get enough of me……

        I bet it takes less than 10 minutes for me to get this stuck in Steve’s head when he gets home from work tonight. LOL! I’ll blame you. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Does and don’ts about one of the most natural things human beings can do… Just cracks me up. I wonder if they have a page about breathing properly (not going to check out… there probably is at least one, which is a scary thing to think 😛 )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, there are some folks who aren’t very good kissers. The guy I dated before my hubby was chewing gum when he gave me my first French kiss. I was so naive, shy and inexperienced. I thought he was trying to pass me his gum! I was so embarrassed when I figured it out!! Thank God he didn’t know what I’d been thinking.

        Liked by 1 person

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