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Full moon…


I can’t get tired of watching the moon… Especially when it is full and shiny like it is this week.

Today I caught it when it was peeking above the horizon. I stood there for a few minutes, staring, and I could actually see it move up in the sky. Everytime I catch that moment, when I can follow the moon making it’s way higher and higher in the firmament, I get a little dizzy. It is numbing to think that I can see something so big, and so far, rotating around the earth.

How can someone have a big head, when you realize how very very small we are…?

6 thoughts on “Full moon…

  1. I love the bright moon with clouds around it. I’m mesmerized by it for some odd reason! I feel so very much the same when I’m on the beach of an ocean. Such a small me against something so vital and vast.

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