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First official Meet & Greet…



I take that back… Don’t stay calm! Go wild and crazy and please don’t miss the train!

This Saturday, I will be hosting my very first Meet & Greet party, and I am very excited about it!

I attended many of those gatherings in the last few months, trying to learn from the best. I hesitated a lot, afraid not to get the needed feedback to make it a successful event. But the stars got aligned, and I decided to go for it.

It will be a little different from the usual Meet & Greet, in the sense that it will not be held in the Cove.


Yeah, I know… Bloggers usually invite people home to chit chat and share links, but this party will be taking place at a friend’s blog!

But why?? We know our way to the Cove, why the detour?

Simple. Some time ago, I got invited byΒ LindaΒ to write a post in her blog. Since she sometimes need a little break, she gave me “carte blanche” and offered that I (tried to) entertain her readers…

I got stage fright, since the Cabbage Patch is a much bigger place than the Cove, but I was so honored that she would let me share with her gang, that I took my time thinking about what I could come up with.

Since what I enjoy the most about blogging is the exchange with you, my Lovelies, I thought the best way to go was to try to do the same with her people.

So, Saturday, if you have a little free time, join me at the Cabbage Patch, and mix and mingle with the Patchers to discover new blogs and get new readers! The more, the merrier, right? And the best part is that we don’t have to clean up after, lol!

I’ll post a link to the party as soon as it is available… And I’ll be hoping to see you around (it would be more comfortable to have friendly faces in the room, while I try to make Linda proud of my first Cabbage Patch take over)

So there, no backing up now… Dress up, or come in your pjs! We’ll rock the Cabbage Patch together, and show the Patchers we know how to party in the Cove!!

Hoping to see your lovely faces Saturday πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “First official Meet & Greet…

  1. I’ll be sure to leave plenty of tequila for your non-hostile takeover meet and greet party. Have fun and, most of all, enjoy yourself! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for helping me out while I am hanging out in the back forty. ❀

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