Free Non Spam Spammed Comments Campain…



This is serious! Stop giggling in the back, I CAN be serious!!

I am launching a serious campain to help free all those comments we post to compliment, and give nice and constructive feedback to a new Blogger we found out, and after hitting the “comment” button, get put on the Spam shelf and forgotten.

Raise your hand if you admit not thinking about checking out your Spam file regularly! Shy? Come on! I know I’m not the only one!

So just repost this, or post a message of your own to remind your fellow readers!

It is win/win, really! You might have some kind comments waiting to lighten up your day… Who knows if you don’t have a potential new reader waiting for you to acknowledge their good words? And that person that took the time to contact you might have something interesting for you to read too!

So check your Spam box, and spread the word…

As an appology for shelfing her without even knowing it, here is the link to my last Not Spam but Spammed  comment author 😉

Sorry again, Vick!

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