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Ung og gammel…


This morning, as I was staring at myself smiling at the mirror (not in a psycho way, I just have my reasons to be happy right now), I noticed some small wrinkles at the outter corners of my eyes…

It didn’t wash my smile away, I was just intrigued by their appearance. When had they showed up? Had they been there for a while? Did I just not notice them because I wasn’t smilling all that much lately?

No idea.

They’re there, that’s all.

My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and she is very concerned getting closer to the big 40! It is ridiculous, she is an ageless beautiful woman, you know the kind that can wrap any man around her little finger just flutering her eye lashes… Still, she is affraid of turning 40 in a couple of years, and I am trying to make it easier on her (because that’s what best friends do)

People always told me I didn’t look my years… Which is probably the compliment I got the most in thirty some years. I always appreciated it (even as a teen, when it was a disadvantage buying and doing adult stuff lol), thinking, someday, my friends would grow to look older, and I’d have a few more years of youth in my pocket.

I can probably thank my being boring for still looking reasonably young. I wasn’t one to color my hair that often, or put make up or all kinds of products on my skin, or sit in the sun to get the perfect tan…

But even being boring can’t perform miracles, and I am slowly running out of youth too. Oh, I still have a little left, just not as much as I used to!

I don’t care.

I could get hit by a bus this afternoon, so why worry about getting more wrinkles tomorrow?

It seems that being ok with time running by is not enough to comfort my friend, so I thought about a way to make her feel better and younger. And I found one. I thought I’d share it with you, dear readers, because it is 100% effective.

Making friends with people either younger or older. Not two or three years apart, but more like at least fifteen to have the desired effect.

I didn’t do it on purpose. It was a coincidence. Let me explain myself.

Let’s start with an older friend. I said “older” not “old”! Being friends with an older friend (especially if the person is uncomfortable with his/her age) gets you a lot of comments about how young  you are. I didn’t investigate this using scientific methods, but I beleive it eventually has the effect of actually making you feel younger. Or at least, it makes you feel better about your own age.

And the effect goes both ways. Hanging with younger people who don’t treat you any different than they treat each other gives you the feeling to be one of the gang, and therefore, you can’t help but feel younger. I remember when I flew with Wow Airline a couple of months ago, most of the travelers were young backpackers in their early twenties… When I got to Copenhagen, I had to remind myself I was in fact going towards 40!

It might sound silly, but it just works… And it is just one advantage about having older and younger friends!

Funny… I just paused for a while, and had a thought for my younger and older friends… And I honestly don’t feel the age difference. When we talk on the phone, meet over dinner, go out and fool around, there is no age difference. We’re just people connecting, and if it wasn’t for others’ looks from time to time, I wouldn’t even think about it.

True friendship and love doesn’t ask to have a look on the DOB on your driver’s license.

We just make each other feel good, don’t we?

Thank you for being part of my life 🙂

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