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Uncatchable beauty…

Walking away from the office, just barely out of the building.

There she is, looking as if she was waiting for me, waiting to walk me home. Dear old friend, always ready for a talk, especially at this time of the month, when her majesty is at its peak.

Hi there! Did you have a nice day?

Not really, no. But it is behind me now, so there’s nothing much more to say about it. What about you, how were the skies today?

Oh, I’ve been around, you know…The usual around and about. Of course, people are a little more interested, me being all round and bright, but I didn’t get distracted from my path… 

You’re not quite full yet, you know?

And you’re not quite empty… 

Silence on the sidewalk. I take out my tablet to try to catch a shot or two of my walk-home partner. Unfortunately, technology fails to catch its true beauty each time I press the button.


Everything seems to get blurry, confused by the moon’s bright shining…


Even through the trees’ branches, there’s no missing her…


Some street lights try to imitate her, but there is no comparison…

I’ve seen you all dressed in pink yesterday!

Indeed, and today, I’m wearing blue… 

Today I am blue, I want to reply. But I keep silent. I just stare at the different shades of blueish clouds wraping her gently. Ever changing, by the second, offering a new sight every time I blink. A ballet of colors framing her on the sky canevas.

I want to say something, but there are no words to fit the beauty that lays before my eyes. I can feel a knot in my throat, getting tighter and tighter. Sorrow wanting to poor out, but unable to.

Did you see Denmark today?

Of course… And as always, I thought about you while I lighted its night! 

Take me with you, won’t you?

I can’t…  And no… I won’t.  We’ll travel together someday, just not now. I’ll be back tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. You still have cotton candy to eat and love stories to write my dear. You are a loyal friendly face on my daily path, but you still have a meaning on the face of the earth. I’ll take you on my shoulder when the time is right… But it isn’t just now…

Already on the corner of the street. Time to part.


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