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G like groin… (A to Z Challenge)


I was initially going for God…

Monty Python’s Holy Grail’s depiction of God


But two things kept me from writing, altough I had a lot on my mind… First, I didn’t really feel like talking about my own beliefs, and second, I am not one to laugh at others’ beliefs or look down on them.

So I stared at my blank post for a while, and switched from God to groin.


I almost wrote “C like crotch” last week, but an inner voice told me it wasn’t a good idea to let my immature sense of humor take the lead. I surrendered, but I can’t control my childish side, and while I was trying to find a good subtitution to God, I let my mind loose, and of course, it led me directly to the groin.

I did a bit of Googling on your behalf, because I didn’t encourage a lot of Googling lately, and I wouldn’t want you to get soar fingers just to follow me here…

So, being a French-speaker (if you didn’t know it already) sometimes I just like to check the exact meaning of English words, even if I think my vocabulary is not too bad. I asked the Internets the difference between “crotch” and “groin” (which wasn’t completely clear to me).

Crotch: Human external genitals or genital area. (obviously meaning aliens have no crotch!)

I love the example sentence provided on Collins’ website;



Groin: The fold where the legs join the abdomen. (leaving a possibility that aliens have some!)

So the groin is the crotch’s closest neighbour! Which is not the case in French, since “groin” in Molière’s tongue, is a pig’s nose. Crotches and pig noses aren’t close neighbours, and if they are to you, I’d recommend keeping that information for yourself!

Groin led me to inner thighs, inner thighs to thighs, and thighs to tattoos… That last link is due to some other Blogger’s influence on my own Blogging, just tag along, and don’t mind the weird jump from thighs to tattoos, tattoos on thighs, or other mix between the two.

It reminded me of my yet to get Denmark souvenir tattoo. I lost precious time thinking what I should get designed as a reminder (do I really need a reminder??) of my dream trip. A Dannebrog for sure… But that’s an easy one, and I’d feel amateurish. I could add a windmill (Not the Dutch kind, the big wind generators seen all around the country… Denmark, not Netherlands… Follow please!!) or maybe a reference to the beautiful rapes fields…. (not to mistake with “rape fields”, which are rather less lovely, if you ask me!)

I got my first tattoo in my early twenties, and it has been on my left ankle since then. (thank God!) Where would I have my Denmark ink done? Groin, I heard in the back? It certainly would fit this post, and would help link all my blabbering together. But I doubt I would go that way. First, it must be dang painfull to get a tattoo on your inner thigh (good enough reason not to do it, but I could brave the pain to prove my true Danish love). But the main reason right now, is that I wouldn’t want you to get a fixation on my hidden flag!

What exactly did others get tattooed there, where the sun shines only once in a blue moon? If you feel in shape, you can do your own “groin tattoo” research, but I’ll tell you anyway. It seems that butterflies, stars and vines are big winners when it comes to groin inking. I don’t really get the point of having butterflies flying out or stars shooting from my crotch to my hip, but I am obviously missing something because it looks VERY popular.

Luckily, there were a few original ones too;

Can’t go wrong with a snorkling cupcake!!

I am not sure this qualifies the “groin” criteria, but I just don’t care! Pastry sports are just neglected these days… It screamed for much needed exposure!!

I could go on, but I wouldn’t want to seem obsessed or even less mature than I actually am… Leaving you on these few harmless groin thoughts!



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