Me myself and I · Thoughts

Anonymous death…

Prince is dead.

I watch the reaction in my surrounding, and on the Internets, and it makes me wonder… I understand that he was at star, a public figure, a world wide known artist, but still.

Ohhh It’s terrible… He was such a great person! What happened? He was so young! I loved his music… Another genius gone with the wind!

I can’t help it, it makes me wonder about my own death. I don’t think it is morbid, it will come one day or another, thinking about it or not won’t change that.

The world won’t mourn me. Which is good, I don’t want the planet to weep just because I stopped my lifelong habit of breathing. A handful of people will most likely feel sorry about my final departure, but what will there be to say about it?

Ohhh, It’s terrible… She was so good at transforming oxygen into carbon dioxyde!! 

Yeah I know… How selfish of me, thinking about my own death, right? How dare I… I should load my Ipod with songs I like but haven’t listened to for a while, and feel sorry for our common loss.

Prince is dead, not me.

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