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International day of the day…

You were probably thinking “Earth day”, right?

Well, think again my friend, because if you know me, at least a little bit, you should know that I don’t waste time promoting well known International days of the day. No, Earth day can do just fine withought my help, and what I am here to talk about, is…. (drumroll)

International Jelly Beans’ Day!


Yeah, since their invention in 1861, the sweet colorful beans have made their way around the globe, and pleased the palates of millions of children.

Not being into sweets all that much myself, I still enjoy a handful of those cheerful candies, and I discovered that they had come a long way with the years… Here are a few examples of how the Jeely Bean company has expanded, to reach more bellies;

  • Star Wars Jelly Beans – May the power of Sugar be with you!
  • Chocolate Jelly Beans – The perfect Valentine’s day gift! How romantic…
  • Sunkist Jelly Beans – Because you wouldn’t want to ruin those hours spent on the treadmill.
  • Sports Jelly Beans – Go JB go!!
  • Tabasco Jelly Beans – Only for real manly men!
  • Hello Kitty Jelly Beans – Sugar coated cuteness
  • Sugar-Free Jelly Beans – Hey, diabetics need their JB too!

Impressive uh?

But my favorites, by all means are the Harry Potter Jelly Beans…


Really, how can you go wrong with flavors like “dirt” and “ear wax”?

I received a pack of them for my birthday (yes, I am 38 years old…), and you wouldn’t imagine the fun we had playing Jelly Bean roulette. Because those nasty flavors… They ARE nasty đŸ™‚

So make that little detour today, and get yourself a bag. Sit down, and feel like a child again, sorting the little beans, keeping the red ones for last…

And a happy Jelly Beans day to ya’ll!

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