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I sock…

Today, I am 29 nights away from my dream trip.

In 29 nights, I will be standing in Montreal’s PET airport, my backpack on and my ticket in my hands, waiting to get on the airplane that will take me to København, DK. Actually, not true. I will be getting on the plane taking me to Keflavik, Iceland, before taking another plane, that will have the honor of finally taking me to København the beautiful!

What’s the link with the socks? I’m getting there.

I am not a girly-I-need-to-shop-shop-shop kind of girl. I only buy clothes when I really need to, I don’t have countless number of shoes, I am not exactly what, in French, we call “coquette”. I do enjoy dressing up and making myself prettier on special occasions, but on a daily basis, I keep things basic.

For my trip, I had to consider buying some things because backpack traveling requests being organised and leaving with only the necessary. And it seems, after a few chats with my brother (who’s done that kind of trip in the past), that I am lacking a few things that will be necessary. Well, “was” lacking, because now, I’ve gone shopping.

I have my Shamwow-like personal towel, my waterproof cover for the backpack, a windbreaker and a very light waterproof coat. I got myself a high quality pair of walking shoes, and…. *drum rolls* special socks!

-You have to get yourself special socks, because of perspiration!

That was one  of the many advices my little brother had for me. Special socks? I already had special socks, hairy ones, that are super confortable and fuzzy. But they are very feet-warming, so I figured it wasn’t that kind of “special” I needed.

Sweaty feet can lead to all kinds of foot conditions, and I sure don’t want to end up with Ow feet. A dear friend of mine has one, and though we could sit down, compare our feet, discuss them, and enjoy having something else in common, I will try to avoid getting an Ow foot. Or worse, Ow feet!

I never thought I would someday consult a socks specialist, but I got a quick class about the qualities and defaults to check when shopping for socks at the store. The kind guy assisted me in my search for the perfect socks.

Do you like thin fabric? Do you want perspiration preventing socks? Fast drying?… Yes to all, sir! And after choosing between two sets of colors, I was on my way to the cashier to buy my “Ow-feet-preventing” socks.

I like my feet. They are small and pretty. Even after 38 years of taking me where I need to go, they still have soft, silky skin, without the slightest treatment, foot cream or special care.  I wouldn’t compliment all parts of my body, but my little feet, I like.  So I was happy to treat them with their very special socks…

And here they are, my feet wearing their brand new traveling socks!


























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