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I’ve been Dragplused… ?!?



This will be short, but I just had to post it in case someone fell on this message and could help me figure out what just happened.

It seems that one of my posts has been re-blogged on this website called Dragplus. The concept of Dragplus is rather blurry to me, but I am happy someone got interested enough into my post to share it! The views are impressive (imponerende, you know? 🙂 ) I am used to 4, 5 views for a post… I haven’t checked all of my soon 200 posts, but I think that my highest number of views was for “Have you seen the stars tonight?” and that one got 18 views… Then again, Dragplus’ hits just mean those people have seen the title of my blog… They haven’t read it, because they would have had to click on the link to get the whole thing on my blog… and then I would have had those views.

Dang! I checked again on Dragplus and I am up to 63 views… So 63 people who walked by, but thought “mehh… naaah, not really in the mood for this!”

But then again, I don’t really mind, I have been re-posted for the second time, and that is cool! And I have been re-posted by Denmark, nothing less my dear readers!

Nothing less… I have been re-posted by Denmark, and Everything in and Around Denmark….  That is exposure!


P.S. If some of you know what Dragplus is… just let me know, ok? 🙂




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