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Thank you… ?

This morning my mind did what it does the best… Serve me a random memory to think about.

Back in the mid 90s, when I lived in Africa, my best friend was a guy from North Carolina. He actually was the reason I learned English. I only spoke French and he only handle English… But that’s a whole other story.

When I started managing Shakespeare’s tongue, we grew very fond of each other, but in a friendly way. We spent all our free time together, and shared all our thoughts.

One day, (watch out, that’s the anecdote “du jour”) we were chatting as usual, at the school’s fence, under the big tree. He took a few seconds to think and said;

– You know… It really is a shame that you’re not good looking. You’d be the perfect girlfriend!

He was totally sincere, and it was a compliment.

Some men just have a way with women…


6 thoughts on “Thank you… ?

    1. I feel for you too, dru!

      The amazing thing about this kind of comment, is the awkward feeling of “should I be thankful, or offended???”

      Just like getting the flowers and the flower pot at the same time! 🙂

      Thanks for passing by! xx


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