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Runaway – #1MinFiction

Her feet ached, as she gave the old Vespa the eye… She had her good share of flaws, but stealing wasn’t one of them. Still, knowing that she didn’t have enough money to take the train, the temptation was there. She was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, when a lady’s voice interrupted her…… Continue reading Runaway – #1MinFiction

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Delete? – Part 2

The sun was shining bright despite the otherwise greyish November weather. The light had awakened her just minutes before the clock’s irritating alarm. Enjoying one last moment under the warm duvet, she wondered if she had dreamt this whole thing. Doctor Weinster’s voice resonated in her head, still. But this seemed so real. Of course,…… Continue reading Delete? – Part 2

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Même sur le bord d’une falaise, tu as toujours le choix…

Je ne crois pas aux « je n’ai pas le choix ». Même si comme tout le monde, ils sortent parfois de ma bouche, je n’y crois pas dans le fond. Tu as toujours le choix… Et sur le rebord de la falaise, avec tes orteils dans le vide et tes cheveux dans le vent, tu as…… Continue reading Même sur le bord d’une falaise, tu as toujours le choix…