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FFF Challenge – Libraries

  As a child, I spent countless hours at the library. It was practical, for a family on a budget… I could borrow many books, change them whenever I pleased. I could explore, try new genres, discover new authors. I soon fell in love with books. The feeling of my fingers running through the pages,…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Libraries

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  It all started with a an unexpected spark… As if our bodies were rocks, thrown randomly in the universe, not even aware of each other. Two anonymous stones, running in the cold darkness of routine, blinder than if our eyes had been ripped out of their orbits. And in that brief moment, when our…… Continue reading Unexpected…

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Longing – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Longing Write a Poem, story or anecdote, inspired by this word. Please create a pingback to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See […]… Continue reading Longing – Word of the Day Challenge

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Random Danish memories…

  It is easy to tell people what to do, and what not to do… Hosting a blog is like having an around the clock tribune, and a lot of people enjoy tips and advices, wether they are about blogging, traveling, self improving or life in general… I have written that kind of posts in…… Continue reading Random Danish memories…

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Moon – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is via Moon — Word of the Day Challenge