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Tusind tak! (A thousand thanks)



This morning, my dear friend G sent me the above quote.

Out of nowhere, just like that.

The kind of thing we do, just sharing thoughts we know the other will relate to, on some level. Because we’ve long established that we share a brain (and believe me, she got the best part out of this ”deal”). I know that the quote could apply to her university studies, or my ongoing Danish learning. But as of tonight at midnight, I’ll hit the 1,000 days blogging streak.

I must say covid-19 helped me, though I won’t give the virus any credit. But in my anything but perfect life, I do believe that blogging is the one thing that brought dicipline into my wreckless schedule.

I might not get as many views, likes, and comments (and I appologize for not replying to the latest every time I get one).But The Cove lives on, waiting for Life to come back to ”normal” at long last.

And I want to thank you Lovelies… Those of you who stuck with me since the beginning, because I have a few VIPs in the room. Thank you, if you’ve been following me for a while (maybe out of curiosity), and thank you just joined in also.

I love you all, my dear Lovelies!

And I know that someday, inspiration will come back my way. And who knows? I might wow you again.

I sure hope so. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep the posts coming.

Thank you for your support, my Lovelies.

I love you. I do!

2 thoughts on “Tusind tak! (A thousand thanks)

  1. That’s good to hear. Because a school teacher once said of me, “this student sets himself a very low standard which he consistently fails to achieve.” I hadn’t realised, up until now, that it was meant as a compliment.


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