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Just thinking…



As you read this, you might not be feeling well. You might be sad, angry or in some kind of pain.

I feel you… We all live with our personal struggles, even if we don’t talk about them, right?

Life is life (la-la-la-la-la! Sorry, silly 80’s reference, if any of you remember Opus’ one hit wonder)

Now, let’s say I offered you 10 million dollars. No strings attached. Right here, right now. How would you feel? Pretty good, I’d guess. And it would take a lot to mess with your happy spirit, no doubt about that.

Now, let’s be silly, and make that 100 million dollars.

How could anything bug you with such a fortune to spend with your family and friends?  I bet you couldn’t find a reason to complain.

But here’s the twist.

Would you take the 100 million dollars, if the only condition was that you wouldn’t wake up the next day? Would you be willing to give up whatever time you have left on this Earth, for this much wealth?

I’m pretty sure that the answer to that question is a big bold NO.

So… Just think about it. If waking up tomorrow morning is worth more than 100 million dollars to you, shouldn’t you celebrate still being alive, even if life isn’t  treating you well at the moment?

Again, think about it tomorrow morning…

You know, just thinking 😉



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