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Are you kiddin’ me?



What a week!

I’ll spare you Lovelies the details (for now), but since my aunt died last Saturday, I spent two long hours trapped in a bus, sitting next to a man plagued with verbal diarhea. When I was finally back home, we had a plumbing incident, that will require some fixing sooner than later… And this evening, I got an email from Costa Rica (from my landlords… I’m not that special) telling me that a suspicious man is wandering around our building, despite warning signs about 24-7 camera surveillance that would make U.S.’s Area 51 army base envy us.

And it is only Wednesday.

But that doesn’t mean that I can take a break, and this afternoon, I was looking for bus rides (hopefully freak-free this time, but there’s no option I can pay for, to garantee it) to get me to my aunt’s funeral, if Chéri can’t take that day off.

So, obviously, I turned to my good friend Google. Hence the above screenshot.

By car, the trip between Montréal and Trois-Rivières is about 1h30 long. Maybe 1h45 if you’re unlucky with traffic.

Most of Google suggestions were reasonable, and ranging between 1h40 and 2h10.


I did spot a suggestion that seemed like a good idea. At first.

See, my aunt’s funeral will start on Saturday at 11h. So arriving in town by 9h30 am would be top notch! But I would have to leave Montréal at 9h30 pm on Friday. A twelve hour-long trip? Really???!?

Apparently, Google thinks that I might be interested in driving WAY passed my original destination, spend the (rest of) the night in Québec, to then drive back to Trois-Rivières in the early morning. Obviously paying (at least) twice the price to get there.

Are you kiddin’ me??

Seriously, if I was working for the bus company, I’d keep a real close eye on anyone willing to buy that trip.

I’m not going to do it… Sorry! Because I value my time and my savings. Or maybe just because I am a little smart.

Maybe not above average, but intelligent enough not to get screwd. Especially if Chéri and I escape from home-invasion tonight.

But I wouldn’t bet on that. I’m pretty vulnerable while sleeping, and Chéri can’t hear a thing once asleep. If we don’t make it through the night, I appologize in advance for this being my last post.

Night night Lovelies! (Maybe for the last time).

3 thoughts on “Are you kiddin’ me?

  1. Wow it seems Murphy has been on his high horses all week! It’s been really cold here and my daughter’s furnace went out and no replacement till this coming Saturday. So about two weeks freezing! Maybe rent a car and drive yourself? Keep your cat at the ready to attack or have a baseball bat handy?😟🤪 Good luck!


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